Our Regional Operations Centre is based at our Head Office in Silver lakes, Pretoria, from where the monitor both guard & site outputs for all our customers. 

Our Control room in manned 24/7 – 365, by specialist controllers. Our Control Room staff is trained to react and respond to alarm activations of various types. Each of our customer’s details is loaded onto the database with pre-determined instructions with regards to the steps to be taken in the event of an incident.

The control room has documented operating and emergency procedures for each of our Clients that must be adhered to at all times. All emergency contacts are accessible via our online platform in the control room. 

In order to maintain the highest standard of communication to all our sites we apply various communication platforms these may include fax, radio, telephone or email. 

DCM offers an all-in-one security monitoring solution by combining the monitoring of guard patrol systems with an advanced alarm system. In addition to this and in order to ensure operational efficiencies.

Current capabilities include:

  • Off Site Monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Response
  • Installation & monitoring of CCTV & Alarm Systems