DCM Wildstone Security provides trained Security Officers for your Security needs. DCM Wildstone Security is Regionally based and our Head Office is situated in Silver Lakes, Pretoria.

Our regional structures ensure that the various business is support proactively in the following areas: Product and Services guidance, Financial and Technical support, Risk Management, Human Resources, Training, Operational Assistance with new start-ups, Operational Quality Control Assessment and Compliance Monitoring Systems. 

DCM management believes that we have the essential understanding in the integral workings of the Security environment.

Quality service delivery is driven at the local office team level, close to our customers.  We believe that judgment or assessment of service quality depends on the perception of each customer.  As a service-driven company we know that quality must be built into our service offering.  To us this means that everything we do must be aimed at delivering the service outcomes that our customers expect, pay for and value.

Delivering first class service relies on three key components:

  • Service Commitment – our organizational approach for assuring customer satisfaction.  “Understanding and meeting the client’s needs”
  • Service Level Management – our account management approach for using tools and measures to assess and report the level of service we deliver to each customer.  “Ownership and Accountability”
  • Performance Management – our operational approach to addressing service level and cost.  “Working harder and smarter with skilled employees rendering our service at a fair price”

We have focused on building effective working relationships with our customers - relationships that are based on strong local offices with responsive management and competent technical staff who are committed to service.

Our Security Officers are far more than just a visual deterrent to opportunist thieves, they’re highly observant and proactive. They understand that they are ambassadors for your business and as such, they have excellent customer services and interpersonal skills.