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Are you and your loved ones able to act instantly when faced by an unexpected emergency that could be life threatening?

DCM Assist, the ultimate in emergency response apps, equips your phone with a complete safety and security system.  And enables you to ask for immediate help at the press of a button when faced by dangerous or life threatening situations.

You, your wife and children, your parents - all your loved ones – should not leave home without the DCM Assist app on their phones.

Press any of the three buttons on the app and a private security response vehicle closest to your GPS coordinates will be at your side in no time to bring to you safety and support wherever you are in South Africa.

Threats and panic situations

Serious crime remains high in South Africa, especially in densely populated urban and suburban areas.

Moreover, as a result of being overwhelmed, the South African Police Service and Public Healthcare Emergency Services have slow response times, especially during peak emergency periods such as Friday nights.

Whatever the threat or panic situation you face, simply press the Panic button on the app and DCM Assist will:

  • Supply you with armed response.
  • Track and recover your vehicle.
  • Supply you with armed and unarmed escorts.

Medical emergencies

Medical emergencies normally happen when you least expect it. And, in almost all cases, where you are unable or not equipped to help a loved yourself. Simply press the Medical Assistance button on the app and DCM Assist will help you with:

  • Emergency medical response to the scene of your emergency.
  • Medical transportation by ground or air ambulance.
  • Emergency medical advice and 24-hour assistance hotline – this is an advisory service, as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis. Moreover, one call to 0861 435 4822 will trigger medical operators to guide you through a medical crisis situation, or organise the support you require by utilising the 24-hour Contact Centre Doctor.
  • Referrals to crisis hotlines where no private ambulances are available in specific areas anywhere in South Africa -
    • Suicide hotline
    • Poison hotline
    • Telephonic trauma counselling

Roadside emergencies

Any number of road-side emergencies could occur without warning when you are traveling. Simply press the Road Assistance button on the app and DCM Assist will help you with:

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown – a towing service will be provided to tow your vehicle to the nearest place of repair or safekeeping; an additional towing service will be provided in the event of the most appropriate place of repair not being open at the time.
  • An empty fuel tank – a maximum of two incidents per year; fuel assistance will be provided at non-roadside locations but on a ‘member-to-pay’ basis.
  • Keys locked in a vehicle – this service excludes parts, components, key cutting costs or similar charges; should your keys be lost and not locked in your vehicle, assistance will be provided on a ‘member- to-pay’ basis.
  • Flat tyre – if your vehicle is not fitted with a spare tyre or the necessary tyre changing equipment, it will be towed on a ‘member-to-pay’ basis; any costs for the repair of the tyre, parts, wheel balancing or similar charges are excluded.
  • Flat batteries – this service excludes the cost of parts and components; if the problem cannot be resolved the vehicle will be towed to the nearest place of safekeeping.
  • Additional assistance - should an incident occur more than 100 kilometres from your home, you have access to one of the following benefits to a maximum of R500 -
    • Accommodation for one night.
    • Arrangement of a taxi service.
    • Rental of a class B vehicle (valid credit card to be produced).
    • Towing or transportation of your vehicle following repair, covered up to a maximum of R500.

Note: Incident support is limited as per client specifications.


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Only R99 per month

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