DCM Wildstone Security

With over 77 years of experience in business management and various specialized sectors in the security industry, DCM Wildstone Security brings a wealth of expertise and value to our clients.

DCM Wildstone Security

Our standard of service, together with our standard of training, enable us to provide you with an industry-leading security team to deter those who may be a security risk to you, your company and your customers.

DCM Wildstone Security

Our managers and staff are trained to provide the best service the security industry has to offer.

Premier Security Services and Event Security Provider.

DCM Wildstone Security provides experienced Security Officers trained in all the Sectors, Commercial, Retail, Warehouse, Industrial & Residential. Our Security Officers have the reputation of providing a secure environment for all our valued Clients and their Customers, leaving a lasting impression for your business.
DCM Wildstone Security has experience in providing Event Security on a National basis. Our portfolio includes Award ceremonies, Celebrity Music Shows, Launch Parties & Private Events. We cater for any size event , our service is always personal, professional and efficient.
At DCM Wildstone Security we believe that the most effective safeguard against potential security threats is striking a perfect balance between our staff competence, continuous training and development and technological integration. By raising standards across the industry, and combining technological solutions with the expertise of some of the South Africa’s finest professionals, we can deliver services that meet today’s stringent security requirements reliably, cost effectively and in harmony within your operations.
DCM Wildstone Security have well trained Response Officers, we at DCM Wildstone Security believe in personal interaction and service excellence … we always go the extra mile. DCM Wildstone Response operates within enclosed Security Estates, with dedicated Vehicles that Monitors and Patrols 24/7… Safe Guarding your premises !

Eagle assist extrasmallDCM Assist, the ultimate in emergency response apps, equips your phone with a complete safety and security system.  And enables you to ask for immediate help at the press of a button when faced by dangerous or life threatening situations.

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DCM Wildstone Security employs in-house quality control systems that are implemented in conjunction with each individual customer.
Our service plans include specially developed measures that act to ensure daily activities and tasks are performed as per customers’ expectations in terms of behaviour and results.

A bespoke Customer Service Plan is developed per site to not only meet but also exceed our expectations for:
  • Staffing
  • Security officer duties
  • Safe practice
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Account management
Training and Development
Our Security Training Centre primarily focuses on staff training and development, both in the classroom and through on-site instruction. Offering specialist courses by expert trainers using the latest training aids, the Centre’s performance standards are continuously monitored by our evaluation systems. It is this focus on quality training that gives one of the best staff retention rates in the industry. DCM Wildstone Security will, for the purpose of this contract, coordinate monthly basic training initiatives and, if necessary, engage with your staff on specific training requirements.
Selection and Recruitment
DCM Wildstone Security’s success is largely dependent on our employees. Selection and recruitment of staff are stringent; we recruit only one out of 20 applicants despite their PSIRA training and registration. The following checks are done on all applicants:
  • ITC check
  • Criminal check
  • Sociological testing

Technical Services

DCM Wildstone Security believes “striking a perfect balance between Guarding and Technical Services” is the most effective safeguard against potential security threats.
Raising standards across the industry, and combining a mix of technological solutions using the expertise of some of the world’s finest professionals, enable us to deliver reliable, cost effective services that are aligned with your operations and that meet today’s stringent security requirements.